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Play Fruit Shop Slot Machines With Classic Fruit Icon

Fruit Shop Slot is an old name of NetEnt that is similar to those old arcade games we used to play. One would definitely get the nostalgic smoothness and fresh feel of those old arcade machines with their easy gameplay and juicy goodness. What makes this slot machine game more interesting is that, it is also suitable for all age groups. The nice thing about this is that, you do not have to worry too much on how your kid will enjoy this game because according to its story, it is suitable for both children and adults.

To play fruit shop slot game, first you need to download it. For you that do not know what is so special about this download, allow me to explain it briefly. It is in fact an application that you can use to run your favorite net casino games including online slots. This application is actually a remote control device. You would put in your credit card information and choose your favorite casino to play your favorite game. In this way, you would be able to enjoy your game while you are away from your home and even if you are traveling.

Fruit Shop Slot features a good storyline that would keep you on your toes. The story begins when you enter the restaurant which serves a very popular fruit juice drink called orangeade. There are people inside the restaurant who are having a party. When you enter, you would see them enjoying their favorite snacks while enjoying the amazing flavor of orangeade. You just have to order a variety of different flavors such as grapefruit, banana and many others and choose from the wide range of choices available.

Right after you have selected your favorite flavors, you would be asked to choose your fruit symbols. There are two types of fruit symbols that you can select from. They are wild symbols and regular symbols. The wild symbols are those that flash and jump and appear at random while the regular symbols are the traditional letters and numbers that are arranged in a specific pattern. Once you have chosen your fruits, you would just press the green button on your machine and you will be asked to insert your credit card into the machine.

After choosing your fruit symbols, you will then see three lists of icons appear on screen. All the icons that appear in the three lists are wild icons and they all signify something different. Among the icons that you will encounter are the following: wild cherries, wild bananas, wild grapes and the regular cherry.

When you press the red button on your machine, you will be asked to start playing. Fruit Shop Slot features a free spinning reels that feature cherries, bananas, grapes, oranges and other delicious fruits. You can also get to choose from a wide variety of bonus icons. Some of these icons include the following: free jackpot, free spin, maximum bet, next big payout, bonus coins and many more.

If you win on one of your first spins, you will receive a free spin that will consist of a number of coins. You will then be able to choose which machine to play with the rest of your winnings. On your second or subsequent spins, you will receive an additional free spin and if you win again, you will get to keep it. The winnings on your third and subsequent bets are not refundable.

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In this slot review, we will cover some of the basics that make this slot machine a favorite among users. One of the reasons why users love to play with this slot machine is because of its simplicity. Although it is one of those slot machines that offer a simple yet addicting gameplay, you will still need to learn more about it before you can fully enjoy it. Aside from the graphics and theme, this slot machine also offers a simple yet fun and exciting gameplay, so you do not need to use advanced techniques just to be able to play it well. Aside from the classic fruit icon on its main display screen, it is also one of those slot machines that uses the classic cartoon character Winnie the Pooh as its icon.


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