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Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will WOW Your Spouse

If you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift for your wife or husband, consider choosing something that reflects your relationship. There are many different choices to choose from, including wood, porcelain, silverware, ivory, and jade. Read on to learn more about these different options and how you can find a gift that will wow your spouse! Listed below are some of the most popular options to consider for an anniversary gift. If you’re unsure what to choose, check out our guide to anniversary gifts!


One of the best ways to celebrate an anniversary is to give the recipient something that is both practical and elegant. A porcelain ring dish is a classic anniversary gift that will delight the recipient. Another thoughtful gift is a porcelain ring dish, which is perfect for a minimalist husband and wife. If you want to surprise your spouse on your 18th wedding anniversary, there are a few ways to make your gift unique. For example, you could choose to have the item engraved with a personal message.


A leather anniversary gift is a classic choice for your spouse. Despite its traditional use, leather is an easy way to shop for an off-the-wall anniversary gift. The versatility of leather makes it a unique gift choice that stands the test of time. It also symbolizes shared security and is an excellent choice for the third year of marriage. Whether you’re looking for a tan or a vegan leather photo frame, leather can be the perfect gift.


If you’re looking for an elegant anniversary gift for your wife, an ivory item is a beautiful option. This precious stone symbolizes patience, dignity, stability, and adaptability. After all, 14 years of marriage is a significant milestone. The 14-year anniversary is a perfect time to treat your wife to a piece of this stone. Your wife is sure to love it! Here are some ideas for her to be amazed by:


A coral-inspired wedding anniversary gift is a great way to add a special touch. While coral is a traditional symbol of marriage, jade is a more modern choice. The stone represents protection, strength, and success. It is also often called the “stone of successful love.” There are many ways to give a Jade anniversary gift that will add special meaning to your anniversary. But when you’ve been married for many years, you might have run out of ideas. Luckily, there are many ways to make your gift unique to your wife.

Lapis lazuli

The beauty of lapis lazuli as a gift for an anniversary is undeniable. The stone’s deep blue color promotes friendship and harmony. Aside from being gorgeous in jewelry, it has been used for centuries to create ultramarine pigment, a color often used in Renaissance paintings. The rare color is highly prized, and it is generally reserved for works of art with higher artistic value.

Paper flowers

There are many ways to present your partner with a special anniversary gift, including sending a paper flower. For instance, a paper peony makes a beautiful keepsake, and you can personalize it with your partner’s name. These flowers are a unique way to say “I love you forever” or “Happy Anniversary.” These flowers are handmade by a small studio in the countryside of Northamptonshire.

Desk sets

Stationery and desk sets have become modern symbols of seven years of marriage. The combination of practicality and pride in one another’s work is symbolized by desk accessories. Copper desk accessories are particularly durable and long-lasting. They can be an excellent anniversary gift for a couple who have been married for seven years. Other symbols that are appropriate for this special day include a candle, crystal, or a copper mug. There are countless options for anniversary gifts, so you’re sure to find something that suits your relationship.

Desk sets are a modern interpretation of a traditional gift

For every year of a marriage, the traditional anniversary gift is different, but there are some themes that always stay the same. For the sixth year, wood is a traditional gift, while iron is a modern interpretation. Candy is always a classic gift, and chocolates can be romantic as well. In the seventh year, the traditional anniversary gift is wool or copper, representing warmth and heat conductivity. However, a desk set is a modern interpretation of a traditional anniversary gift.


A traditional anniversary gift is an emerald-cut onyx pendant. This stone is considered a symbol of seven years of marriage and is suspended from a sturdy silver chain. This pendant is beautiful enough to be worn every day and is also the perfect choice for the anniversary gift of an onyx necklace. Other popular anniversary gifts include a copper cookware set that’s both beautiful and efficient. For a more modern and stylish gift, consider an Alex Mill pullover. Available in three different colors, this piece is sure to keep your recipient warm and stylish.

Onyx is a durable material

If you’re planning to present your loved one with an anniversary gift, consider buying it for them in onyx. Onyx is a hard substance that ranks 7 on the Mohs scale, making it an excellent material to choose for anniversary gifts. Its durability is a plus for your gift, and it also looks gorgeous in jewelry. It is also useful in ancient myths, as the ancient Greeks used it as an amulet to protect sailors from harm. A thirteenth century writer said that onyx bestowed health on those who wore it.


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